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Welcome to Social Camping

The British Caravanners Club (BCC) is a special interest section of The Camping and Caravanning Club. We are big enough to be a national section and also small enough to be friendly. Each area is run by a committee of its own members, and we always welcome your feedback good or not so good!


Although we may historically be the Touring-Caravan Section, we welcome all types of unit from tent to motorhome, as long as you are a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club, you are always more than welcome to visit any of our sections weekend rallies or Temporary Holiday Sites.


What is Social Camping?

Social Camping is a term the Club uses to describe the Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites organised and managed by our District Associations, Regions or Special Interest Sections. We chose this term because it explains what this style of camping is all about – camping events run by passionate members, for members who share the same interests. Social Camping offers some of the most inexpensive camping available, and you’ll always be guaranteed a warm, friendly welcome.

Weekend Meets


A weekend meet will normally take place over a weekend, but can be open for up to 5 nights, also known as rallies. We run them all year round, offering basic facilities of fresh water and somewhere for waste disposal (Elsan). They make fantastic value social camping.

Temporary Holiday Sites

Similar to weekend meets but situated in popular holiday destinations like seaside resorts and countryside retreats, Temporary holiday sites offer members the chance to camp affordably throughout the UK for longer periods than weekend meets as they can be open for up to 28 days.



Periodically throughout the year, BCC areas host featured events. They can fall into the Weekend Meet or Temporary Holiday Site category but with much more emphasis on entertainment. Our stand out event is our annual Feast of Lanterns.

Did you know?

Our members voluntarily run over 1000 meets a year.

Big enough to be a national section and also small enough to be friendly.

We are...

Our members organise over 1,000 Meets and social activities every year for all caravanners young and old, we particularly encourage those new to caravanning to join us as our pedigree is founded upon nearly 100 years of caravanning. Please take a look around our website and feel free to contact us, or one of the local areas, if you require any more information.

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We have a friendly Facebook group where you can socialise with your fellow campers, make new friends and see what everyone is getting up to.​

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