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BCC Membership Costs


How about something that lasts a full 12 months, comes with three magazines and something that you can't put a value on - friendship!

The BCC's membership fee is currently just £6.00 it has of course gone up £1 this year !

Thanks to our treasurer and donations from the areas the BCC are in a
very favourable situation at present with respect to finance so there is no indication that in the near future the membership fees of the BCC will have to be increased. When you look at all the section membership fees we, the BCC* have one of the lowest so what better value for money is there than the £5.00 you pay for BCC membership.

The BCC however is short of one special item. Members! Our membership has been on the decrease, as with other organizations, for many years now even though the national council of the section has been trying several initiatives to bring in new members. The offer of free membership to new members joining up to the renewal of their C&CC membership is one item that has been put in place to recruit new members. This has been fairly successful and very few of these members have left the BCC once they have joined.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022
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