Our Meets and Rallies

The British Caravanners Club operate over 1000 meets a yearfor our members and those of the Camping and Caravanning Club. Most of these are organised by local areas, by local members and are all run on a voluntary basis for the benefit and enjoyment of all our members.

Even the councillors organise some meets each year, which are a great way to meet them, and discuss anything you have on your mind.

Some meets are very special to our section, and are announced on this site as well as the local area's website. An example of these special meets are our Annual General Meeting where we encourage all members to come and have their say in the running of our club and the Feast Of Lanterns meet where members are invited to come together for the August bank holiday weekend, and enjoy a fantastic weekend of fun, games, and entertainment.

If you know of an important BCC related meet upcoming please let us know and we will happily publicise it on this page.

Please select from the list below.


rally dates meet title organising area
28.03.2013-07.04.2013 BCC Annual Easter Meet The BCC Councillors
Kielder Forest THS Tyne Tees BCC
10.05-2013-24.05.2013 Annual General Meeting
19th May 2013
Councillors/Lincolnshire BCC
22.05.2012-05.06.2012 Haxey Quays Rally The BCC Councillors
21.06.2012-26.06.2012 Charity Fundraising Meet Caldervale & South Yorkshire
22.08.2013-27.08.2013 Annual Feast of Lanterns Norfolk BCC