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Southern and Wessex BCC Cancellations

5th June 2020

Following a conference call meeting of the Southern and Wessex BCC Committee it has been unanimously agreed by the Committee to cancel all weekend meets and THS meets for the remainder of 2020. This is to protect our Steward, Members and Site owners .

The Committee would like to thank our Stewards and Site Owners for their understanding at this present time.

We are at present arranging meets and THS meets for 2021.

Stay safe.

Keith Gardner ( Chairman)

Thank you , keep safe Trev PRO S&W BCC

Presentations made at the BCC AGM 2018

20th May 2018

Congratulations to Linda McElroy on receiving the Camping and Caravanning Certificate of Honour along with Kelvin. The certificate was presented by Ann Dearling immediate CCC Chairman. Also Karen and Kevin Barwick who received the BCC Merit Award presented by the President Ron Gibson

Many thanks to South Lancs BCC for a successful AGM and for organising such good weather.

Ribblesdale BCC Raise 3740.70

4th April 2017

Ribblesdale BCC nominated Macmillan Cancer Support as their charity for 2016. During the year they raised 3740.70.

BCC Membership Costs

15th March 2017

What can you get for a fiver?

A magazine? a fast-food Meal? Three quarters of a gallon of petrol?
one day of council tax ? or maybe ten days of BT phone line rental?

How about something thats lasts a full 12months, comes with three magazines and something that you can't put a value on - friendship!

The BCC's Membership fee is currently just £5.00 and its been this way since 2008 !

Thanks to our treasurer and donations from the areas the BCC are in a very favorable situation at present with respect to finance so there is NO indication that in the near future the membership fees of the BCC will have to be increased.  When you look at all the section membership fees we the BCC have the lowest so what better value for money is there than the £5.00 you pay for BCC membership.

The BCC however is short of one special item.  Members!  Our membership has been on the decrease, as with other organizations, for many years now even though the National Council of the section has been trying several initiatives to bring in new members.  The offer of free membership to new members joining up to the renewal of their C&CC membership, is one item that has been put in place to recruit new members.  This has been fairly successful and very few of these members have left the BCC once they have joined.  The new recruitment incentive which was initiated last year is very successful and many members have benefited from the scheme.

This year a new initiative has been proposed by the management committee, to give something back to members and encourage them to attend the FOL.  Every one who has pre booked for the FOL this year will, on arriving and booking in, receive a £10 note to spend as you wish.

You could think of it this way .. you pay a £5 a year for everything that the BCC offers, and you could earn £10 back?
We're actually paying you to be a member!



CSYBCC in Suspension

2nd July 2016

Unfortunately, as of 2nd July 2016, the Caldervale and South Yorkshire Area of the British Caravanners Club has gone into suspension.

This means that we no longer have sufficient members able to form the necessary committee to run and manage our area, and as such have had to cease operating.

We would like to thank all our members and visitors, past and present for all their efforts and support.

We are all still BCC members, so you will continue to see us all out and about.

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them via the British Caravanners Club main website

See you out on the field some time.

All the Caldervale and South Yorkshire BCC Committee and Members.

LTV&W Skittles Event

7th February 2016

London and Thames Valley and Wiltshire BCC had their first get together for 2016, a Skittles event.
A presentation was also made to Daphne (Section Secretary) and her husband Les who are celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary in February.


Pat Boissieux
London and Thames Valley and Wiltshire BCC

LTV&W MacMillan Cancer Support

4th November 2015

London and Thames Valley and Wiltshire BCC held a fundraising weekend in aid of their chosen charity MacMillan Cancer Support at a rally from 17th to 21st September at St Cross Cricket Club, Winchester with 32 units attending the meet .

A total of £1030 was raised from various events held during the weekend.

A cheque was presented to Steve Murphy from MacMillan Cancer Support, at the Sections FOL held at Hurley, on Sunday 4th October 2015. A big thank you to all our members who worked hard to make the event so successful.

Pat Boissieux
London and Thames Valley and Wiltshire BCC

LTV&W Charity Weekend

5th August 2015

London & Thames Valley and Wiltshire BCC are holding a charity weekend
at St Cross Cricket Club (formerly Greenjackets) Winchester.

The meet runs from Thursday 17th September 2015 until Monday 21st September 2015.

The fund raising will take place over the weekend.
Details of the meet and the activities planned for charity raising can be found on on the Meets page.

Please click on More details link at the end of the meet details.


If you have any news or announcements to share please send them via our CONTACT US page..